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Society of African Missions


A Special Mass celebrated every day throughout the year by a member of the Society of African Missions.A remembrance in the Masses and liturgical prayers of all SMA priests and seminarians and a share in the public prayers of our Christians and Catechumens in Africa.Information about the Perpetual Mass Association is available from our promotion centres at Manchester and Dunblane

The Perpetual Mass Association

Prayer for Healing cards for those who are sick or in need of spiritual help; are available from our communities in Manchester and Dunblane.

November Novena Cards

The Christmas Mass Remembrance

Mission News Bulletin

Legacies: You can remember us in your will

Project support: We always have a number of educational, healthcare and training projects that are ongoing. You may wish to support them.

Annual Lottery Draw

A Mass is offered on Christmas Day by the Provincial Superior for the intentions of all those enrolled. You can order the cards from our houses in Manchester and Dunblane

During the month of November a Novena of Masses will be celebrated in our houses in London, Manchester and Dunblane. If you would like your deceased family members and friends included in our Novena, please list their names on the tear off portion of the card and return it either to Manchester or Dunblane.

Prayer for Healing

Gift Aid: Please remember that you can gift aid all your offerings and donations


Society of African Missions