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Society of African Missions


The Apostolate of the Society of African Missions is of its nature specifically missionary. We are not "extra clergy" but missionaries engaged in the Church's Mission "ad Gentes". Called "to bear witness to the Risen Christ among the nations" (Redemptoris Missio, no 66), we reach out, not only across geographical barriers, but across social and cultural barriers, to those who are most abandoned and marginalised, to the victims of war and violence, to refugees in Africa and outside it, to women and children, and to all those who await the Gospel of hope.

Our aim is to be an effective response to the missionary vocation of the Church, chiefly in Africa and among the people of African origin. Africa for the SMA is the continent where we find a welcome, openness to receiving God’s Word, attraction that inspires our missionaries to spend and give their lives.

We find an indispensable mutual support in living and working as fraternal, international communities; our life-style, marked by prayer, sharing, simplicity and hospitality, offers joyful and attractive witness to a Gospel values-centred life

The SMA priests and lay missionaries are involved in many projects in the fields of:- pastoral work- education- health care- community development projects

Though the obstacles are many, the Society of African Missions is filled with hope, a hope that is rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In the service of this Gospel, whose power we have witnessed in the birth of new Christian communities throughout Africa, we seek to give prophetic witness to the* Word that is Truth,* Word that illumines and gives life,* Word that liberates and transforms. We regard* solidarity with the poor and the powerless,* commitment to reading the signs of the times,* activities for Justice and Peace,* dedication to building a better world, including care for the environment, as constitutive dimensions of witnessing to the Good News in today's world. We do this through education, health care, development projects and conscientisation for justice. We also help in caring for African immigrants in Europe and the USA and draw attention to those structures that oppress them and other people of our globe. Open to the Spirit of Christ, the Society remains open to undertake "new and bold initiatives" in obedience to the command of Christ, who has commissioned us to "go out to the whole world and proclaim the Good News to all creation"(Mk 16:15).

SMA Missionaries live and work in solidarity with our African brothers and sisters struggling for justice and peace in the midst of political turmoil and social disintegration: our members are prepared to dedicate ourselves with courage to stand by the people in places like Liberia, Ivory Coast, Congo and other troubled regions of the continent of Africa.


Society of African Missions